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Anastasia Baker is an image-based artist, fashion critic and writer of contemporary art. Anastasia is alumni from the London College of Fashion, gaining an MA in Fashion Media Practice &  Criticism. More recently, she has studied MA Photography at the London College of  Communication. 

Her practice is centred around using art as a therapeutic practice. Her work aims to contribute to the discourse on mental health. An essential aspect of her work is representing real and ordinary mental health issues and generating awareness of these issues from the audience. The most beneficial aspect of her work is using art as a tool of personal expression and communication; Promoting art as an accessible and expressive medium to supplement other treatment forms. 

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TAPS, 2020

The series -The Taps (2020) - originated from the repetitive, daily need to document every tap that the artist encountered. This documentation aimed to control anxiety triggered by household taps. Through this act, the artist has built up an archive of images, making the tap into a personal and symbolic motif of the artist’s anxiety.

The final body of work Untitled (Self-Portrait), 2020 is a large-sized colour digital print from The Taps. The work has been installed at 237.8 cm x 168.2 cm at the Turner Contemporary and 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm in other spaces. The content of the work is a photograph of a re-photographed image of a domestic tap. As a scrunched-up singular photograph, the object is worn, fragmented and aims to deconstruct the fear that exists and deconstruct the artists’ anxiety. This final image now exists as a document to demonstrate the power of art in aiding resolution of mental health issues. 

View also on:

UAL Portfolio https://portfolio.arts.ac.uk/project/180269-the-taps/ 

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(with extra work from The Turner Contemporary) https://graduateshowcase.arts.ac.uk/staged/projects/6828/cover?guid=47e1008c-4680-45e3-a722-b56fcf28abce

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@the book of Normality, 2018

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